Proficiency Testing

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Proficiency Testing

Inter-laboratory comparison (ILC) is a program designed to carry out evaluation on calibration/testing laboratory performance against criteria decided according to its claimed competence. ILC has been widely used for some purposes and its use is increasing internationally. Several general purposes of proficiency testing according to SNI ISO/IEC 17043/2010 include:
a) Monitoring and evaluation of laboratory performance in specific testing or measurement
b) Problem identification in a laboratory as well as an initiation for improvement, e.g. a case related to testing procedure, a measure of training and supervision effectiveness, or inadequate equipment calibration.
c) A measure of effectiveness and comparability of testing and measurement method
d) Improvement of customer satisfaction
e) Identification of differences among laboratories
f) Education for participating laboratories based on ILC results
g) Validation of uncertainty claim
h) Evaluation of performance characteristic of a method
i) A measure of reference material value and its validity for specific testing or measurement method
j) Support for calibration and measurement capability (CMC) claim from NMI

Advantages of Participation in Proficiency Testing

  • To help laboratory identify any testing deviation ( in method,equipment, and testing activity) and find its cause and rectify it
  • To provide quality assurance for testing result
  • To meet KAN’s requirement :
  • For accredited lab
    For lab submitting accreditation request
  • An input for KAN
  • To monitor performance of accredited labs
    A reference in granting accreditation

Proficiency Testing Activity in 2018

NoCommoditiesTest parametersInvestation
1DHL18Daya hantar listrik (conductivity)Rp. 1.500.000,-
2RPA18Lindane, Dieldrin, Heptachlor (dalam matriks air bersih untuk air minum)Rp. 1.500.000,-

Reference Documents

Dalam penyelenggaraan program uji profisiensi mengacu kepada SNI ISO/IEC 17043: 2010 Penilaian kesesuaian — Persyaratan umum uji profisiensi.

Registration Flow of Proficiency Testing


February - May 2018
No May - June 2018
Deadline for analysis result submission:
17 August 2018
Report Distribution:
Mid of November 2018


Count down to results submission


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